Is it Time to Update Your Website?

If your website is more than 5 years old and has not been updated since, it very well could be outdated. We all know the internet is constantly changing. Your website shouldn’t look like it’s from 1995!

Even in the last few years so much has changed, most notable is the need for mobile friendly websites! If your site is not optimized to be viewed on a smart phone or tablet, then you need to update your web site NOW.

Google even set new guidelines in 2015, that they will favor websites that are responsive (mobile-friendly). So if one of your goals is to be on page one of a Google search, you need a responsive website.

What exactly is a responsive website?

This is a great graphic straight from Google that visually explains the concept between a responsive website and old website:

Basically, programming allows it much easier to read the website, with larger fonts and easier menus to navigate. Have you ever visited a website that you had to scroll right and left just to read the text? Or enlarge the view manually so you can even read it! I am sure you found this frustrating and likely went to another website to find what you were looking for. Don’t let this happen to your own website!

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