Powerpoint. Social media graphics. Web banners. We are in the land of all things digital. Keeping your branding consistent throughout your online and presentations is key to your customers recognizing you. 

Working with small startup businesses to large international corporations has given me a wide range of experiences. I enjoy working with a wide variety of companies to keep my creative juices flowing.

Powerpoint Presentation Design

Powerpoint is still a great tool for putting together a presentation online or in a conference room full of people. A clean and eye-catching template is a great way to keep your audiences attention. The biggest mistake I see businesses make is too much copy. A Powerpoint is there as a supporting tool, not to list all your words and bullet points in a 10pt font that no one can read!

PowerPoint Corporate Template
PowerPoint Corporate Template
PowerPoint Corporate Template

Keeping using branding guidelines helps keep a consistent look throughout all presentation materials. 

PowerPoint Design within Corporate Template
PowerPoint Design within Corporate Template
PowerPoint Design within Corporate Template

Big Agency Look Without the Cost — I have worked for the big agencies and corporations! I will give you the same or better quality, at a freelancers rate. Anything print, I can design it.... brochures, catalogs, logos, annual reports and so much more!

Social Media Graphics

Consistent branding across all platforms. When you ideal customer finds you on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn, they should see the same graphics. But this is easier said then done. Each platform has it's own sizing requirements. I will ensure your graphics all look awesome everywhere you are online.

social media graphics

I use Adobe Creative CS programs for all my design work. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver are the industry standard for everything digital.  

Web Banner Design

Online advertising banners is an awesome way to get your brand noticed. But if your graphics aren't clear and eye-catching, then no one will be clicking. File is for online graphics is imperative for fast loading. In our fast-paced world we live in today, people aren't willing to wait even 2 seconds for your images to load. I will make sure your file size is as small as humanly possible. 

These graphics below actually were animated gifs, rotating between the three graphics.